Information about how this website handles user data (click for details)

Personally, I value online privacy more than the apparent benefit of built-in social sharing buttons, or having access to visitor information via Google Analytics.

For this reason, this website does not use cookies and does not include social plugins. This explains why you are not asked to provide informed consent about the use of cookies, as required by the GDPR. To be specific, the website doesn't use Google Analytics or other similar services to collect information about its visitors.

For those familiar with the Hugo Academic theme, I use the following specification in params.toml:

# [marketing]
  google_analytics = ""

In addition, I disable social sharing buttons:

# Enable in-built social sharing buttons? (true/false)
sharing = false

Companies such as Facebook and Twitter are able to collect data about a user's browsing behavior on websites that include social plugins. For more information:

There might be ways to use social sharing buttons while opting out of having information from my website used to personalize content/ads that you see on social media platforms. The Twitter link above discusses this. However, I would need to change the code for each social sharing button separately, and I would need to regularly check if these settings are still working as intended. All this for the benefit of allowing you to share content from this website on a social media platform by simply clicking on a built-in button. If you do want to share content from this website, all you need to do is copy-paste the relevant link in a new post on the platform of your choice.

Ana Martinovici
Assistant Professor of Marketing